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“The potatoes I fried here came out perfect.”

I received my Actifry this week. The potatoes I fried here came out perfect. Imagine the best fries you have tasted but without the greasy feeling and oil dripping from them. If you love french fries but don’t eat them anymore because of the added fat to your diet then this is for you. I have fry up 10Lbs of potatoes already from french fries to home frys and potato wedges all excellent!

— SF

“Best kitchen machine ever!”

If you love fries, potato or sweet potato...if you do a lot of sir frying...this machine is a must. Simply incredible is all I can say. Today I had some apples that I was afraid would go bad so I made a batch of apple fries. Wow! My wife who hates most kitchen gadgets was an instant convert, currently working her way through the included recipes and converting a few of her own. True, it's overpriced. But if it saves you eating out a couple of times each month it quickly pays for itself. The food it makes it that good. The only "con" I can think of is that the timer doesn't shut off the machine. T-Fal should really consider that if they make a new model. But the food is simply outstanding. Guilt-free fries and lots more!

— Marty Pekar

“Fryer does what it promises.”

This product does what it says it will do - makes you french fries with only a tablespoon of oil. The first batch I made was dull in flavor and not crispy enough. Next batch I mixed spices into the oil and cooked them 5 minutes more, they came out great. I also made a chicken recipe that came in the recipe book. Easy recipe and tasted good. Very easy clean up and although it is bulky it is not too heavy and fits in an ordinary sized kitchen cabinet. You do need to slice, wash and dry the potatoes and cook them for 40 minutes, so if you are looking for fast food you will want to go to the drive through window for your fries.

— Laura

“Fries Everyday! Love it!”

I've had this for a few days now and am obsessed with it! I started off with making white potato fries and they were just wonderful! I love that I don't have to deal with pre-heating and flipping fries in a super hot oven. Even better, the fries are all evenly crisped and browned--all you have to do is turn the off button when you see they are to your liking, and clean up is a snap! I actually cooked the fries earlier in the day and re-crisped them for about 2 minutes when lunch time rolled around. I flavored them with some Lawry's seasoning salt and was so excited to find out they were the real deal. Yesterday I toasted some bread cubes for croutons and today I fried up some leftover brown rice and lightly battered chicken wings with fantastic results. As I sit here I'm trying to think of some more recipes to try. I saw a video online where Ming Tsai used the Actifry to toast up some wonton skin strips. I purchased some fresh cheese ravioli today and think I will try toasting them tomorrow. Nevertheless, at this point I only have great things to say about this machine. I would consider it almost like having another cook in the kitchen.

— Bonbon19

“A Great Machine.”

This product is an excellent machine. A great way to make healther foods. It makes the best home made fries in the world just using a little bit of cooking oil. It makes the best chicken wings without using any cooking oil. Very easy to clean and the parts you remove are dish washer safe.

— Carolyn Starks

“Simple & Versatile”

This machine of course makes great fries and onion rings. I put in a couple of brats with onion rings and it did them perfect also. I took a pound of bacon and cut each piece into 4 pieces and it fried it better than I could have. I did not put in any oil since it was bacon but all the constant stirring the machine does fried it without curling. I thought the bacon would get grease on the top lid but it did not. Very little splattering. Very little cooking odors. When done I just take a paper towel and wipe it out. I haven't actually cleaned it with soap yet. I didn't know what to expect and it is expensive but I am very happy with it.

— Jim Jax

“One of the best cookers!”

I bought the Actifry with the mistaken thought that I could make the same foods one would make in a deep fryer but use less oil. While I was wrong in my thought--the manufacturer's description is completely accurate. It makes great french fries with minimal oil, and beyond that is a great low fat "cooker" or "saute-er". The reason my thought was erroneous was because I was thinking of breaded fried food like chicken and vegetables, but in fact, this appliance doesn't seem to be appropriate for this use (unless you are using prepackaged frozen, in which case, the unhealthy stuff is already in it) But to my surprise, is it the best ever for cooking things I might otherwise do on the stovetop, but with the following advantages: 1) Minimal oil used but tastes just as good as if you used more 2) No need to preheat 3) No need to worry about the correct temp (there is no temp to set) 4) No need to attend it--you just throw your stuff in, add the oil, push the button and walk away. 5) Very easy clean up. The cooking pan is light and leaves no food residue (at least so far) This product turned out to be something other than what I thought it would be, but turned out to be one of the best cookers ever!

— Linda M. Boris

“Very Pleased With This Purchase of the T-Fal Actifry.”

Love this machine. Now you can enjoy the fried food taste without the unhealthy guilt! I used this machine already 3 times in 5 days! Easy clean up everytime. Remember to soak your cut-up potatoes in cold water (To get out the starch) for at least 30 mins. Make sure to dab all excess water off with paper towel before putting in the cooker. It will make a BIG difference! Thanks T-fal for this great fryer!

— AZ Crafts and More


We took it to my daughter's. We loved the idea so little fat was needed for cooking enjoyed by all. Pros: Cord length, Energy efficient, Easy to Clean/Wash, Value for Money, quality, Material, Easy to change/Empty filter, Fast/ Speed, easy to use, Low noise, multi-purpose, construction, size, Appearance/ Design /Style, Performs Well, easy to store, Functional/Useful, Long-lasting, Easy to view/Read, capacity.


“"Greatest thing since sliced bread!"”

This device is the greatest thing since slice bread. I don't eat fried foods, so I did not have french fries. Now I can enjoy french fries. I have also cooked chicken thighs and legs. They all come out excellent. Cooked just right. There is also no mess. After cooking french fries, all that is required for clean up is to wipe the insides with a paper towel. I only wash the inner pan when I have cooked chicken or other raw foods.

— Shirley S. Grimmett

“Easy to Use and Clean.”

On of the best cooking products I purchased in a long time. There are many other cooking devices I had purchased in the past just sitting in my cabinet or I had given away. The T-Fal Actifry is used at least 4 to five times in my house. I am becoming more inventive with it. It takes trail an error on cooking time. Many items such as vegetables, sea food, meats and so forth are becoming very easy to make and with consistency.

— Steve