Discover ActiFry.

As a healthy alternative to traditional deep fryers,
ActiFry will change your perception of how food can be cooked.
Enjoy tasty homemade meals with this versatile low fat
multi-cooker, using just a tablespoon of oil, its
pulsating heat system and stirring paddle.

White ActiFry Black ActiFry

A Revolutionary Design

ActiFry achieves remarkable results, thanks to an innovative, patented design and technology. Features include, a removable ceramic-coated, non-stick pan, a transparent steam-free lid, pulsating heat technology and an automatic stirring paddle which ensures even distribution of oil in each meal prepared.

Available in two classic colors:

Click each button to view ActiFry in your color of choice

Oprah Winfrey @Oprah

This machine ..T-Fal actifry has changed my life. And they're not paying me to say it.

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Measuring Spoon

Measuring Spoon

Healthy and tasty cooking can be done easily using
the ActiFry precision spoon to measure accurate amounts of oil.
Most recipes use only one tablespoon of oil, or no oil at all!

1 spoon = 2 lbs of French Fries and many other dishes

Holly Robinson Peete @hollyrpeete

Looooove my Actifry! Made fries with 1 tablespoon of oil!

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Closed Actifry with countdown timer

Audible Countdown Timer

The ActiFry features a timer, which can be set for up to 99 minutes.
Simply place the ingredients in the non-stick pan, close the lid,
set the timer and switch your ActiFry on.

The Audible Timer lets you know when your food is finished.

Danny Wood @dannywood

Dinner-pecan crusted trout, my fries cooked in the @actifry and this Boston Cream Pie! #happybirthdaybetty

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Actifry transparent lid

Automatic Lid

100% transparent steam-free lid,
so you can keep an eye on your food while its cooking.

The lid can be opened during cooking at a push of a Button.

Holly Robinson Peete @hollyrpeete

@torianddean @ActiFry made best teriyaki chicken EVER in it!

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Actifry easy open lid

Dishwasher Safe:

The removable pan, lid, paddle spoon and filter can be easily disassembled and put into
the dishwasher.
The rest of the machine can be easily wiped
clean with a wet cloth or soft sponge.

Easy Open Lid

Non Stick Removable Pan

The ActiFry uses a removable ceramic coated non-stick pan: PTFE and PFOA free.
Food slowly revolves around
the nonstick basin while an integrated
paddle automatically turns and mixes
ingredients, seasoning, and oil
to ensure even cooking.

2.2 lbs capacity

This versatile multi cooker lets you make 2.2 pounds of healthy and tasty homemade recipes using only one tablespoon of oil.


Explore the key benefits of ActiFry's advanced engineering which enables cooking that is substantially more healthy.

Discover Key Benefits
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